CHAMPION Baby Mama Drama

Baby Mama Drama is produced by Grand Champion Danger and Layla.  Timothy Edwards earned her Champion title, then bred her to back to CH Jocko to get a 3xCH Jocko litter.  Seven puppies later, Baby Mama Drama is a permanent fixture here at Henry House Bullies!


We are now looking to earn her dual championship within BRC as she's already earned her ABKC CH title! 

Champion Duggers Daphne Dog

This is Dugger’s Daphne. She was produced by Joel Vargas, off his stud Groot and Champion Gamora. She is a little fireball, we are looking forward for her time to shine in the show ring.


A Champion Baby mama drama to Grand Champion Rocko son. My family loves an him so much! He loves to give hugs an is a great snuggler. ABKC CHAMPION LIL HAZZARD is open for stud at 1000 for two more breedings so lock in now while you can!!!

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MAC was produced right here at HHB Black widow aka crumble x Grandchampion RIP DOZIER 

Mac is the only son ever produced by has grandchampion father  before he passed away which makes mac exclusive he has sired one litter of three pups an is open to the public for stud at $1000.00 or 500.00 an a second pick pup back to a approved female.


Teddy is a all edge bully Champion Baby Mama Drama x Stack citys Groot

This boy threw down ten pups in his first litter. He is open to the public for stud for 500.00 for one more breeding an the going to 1000.00 so hurry an lock him in.



Stan was produced rifght here  He is 2 x GRANDCHAMPION ROCKO #HHB STELLA X CHAMPION VBPS KUMA recently bred him to Sweet pea an awaiting confirmation of his first litter. Im opening Stans stud fee At 1000.00 for his first two outside breedings lets get his productions rolling.


Sweet pea is Hazzards sister Champion baby mama drama x Grandchampion rocko I consider her the best female on my yard. I bred her last year to champion lucky lou an there litter is phenominal her seconf litter is a inbreeding to her nephew above stan lee due march 23 2020 cant wait to see.



Durk is A Champion Grimm son bred to a Champion king rasmus daughter 

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